Use image received from MQTT for notification

I’m using AgentDVR and it can send MQTT Image (if I listen to the message on Home Assistant it crashes lol), so I was wondering how do I push a notification using it?

I was searching around and found some posts about it but with Blue Iris, that uses their HACS integration and add cameras through configuration.yaml, that doesn’t work for me.
There is also integrations such as MQTT Image/Camera but they are deprecated… (and apparently where used for that odd android app).

Does anyone know any other alternative?

This is the MQTT Explorer result for the MQTT Image sent by AgentDVR:

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you should be able to use AgentDVR integration
It will create a camera.agent entity to be used in your HA automation.

BTW I can listen for al MQTT topic and see the base64 image via MQTT from AgentDVR

Did you mean this is deprecated? As I don’t see where it says it is.

My solution was that I created an image entity by utilizing the MQTT Image integration.

  - image:
      unique_id: <id>
      name: mqtt_image
      content_type: image/png
      image_topic: your/topic
      image_encoding: b64

In your case, it looks like the image is not base64 encoded, so delete the line with “image_encoding”. Also check its content type. Maybe it’s not png like in my case.

Then, in the notification you can just set the image to the api link provided by your entity as explained here.

For example:

  - service: notify.<your_mobile_device>
      message: Message Text...
        image: /api/image_proxy/image.mqtt_image
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