Use kid-friendly RGB RF remotes with Zigbee light bulbs?

All ambient light in the house is currently Zigbee based except for the kid’s play room. The kids think it’s fun to control the lights and color in there so we’ve used “dumb” RF based light bulbs with a kid-friendly remote for them to use. Something similar to this one:

I’ve wanted to transition this room to Zigbee for a long time, but then I need a kid-friendly way to set the colors of the Zigbee bulb without using a phone. So far I haven’t seen a Zigbee based RGB remote control that looks easy to use for a three and four year old (or exist altogether for that matter).

So my thinking is that perhaps it’s possible to use a RF receiver that sends the color commands to Home Assistant, or if it exist a “RF to Zigbee” controller. Then I could use the simple but kid-friendly RF remote with color buttons to adjust the Zigbee bulbs colors.

Anyone with ideas or suggestions how to achieve this?