Use Nabu Casa cloud to open files

Does anyone know if there is a way to use the NC Cloud to get access to the configuration and automation files in HA, for example using SSH?

I don’t think so. They don’t yet support services running on different ports through Remote UI (like most of the addons or services like SSH) and I hope that’ll change. Even if you integrate the addons into the UI via iframe, it’s still just a window to service running on another port.

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OK cheers rccoleman. I live in hope.

Ask and ye shall receive, apparently :slight_smile:

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I am not running hassio but home assistant core (new nomenclature) in a docker. And I am a Nabu Casa customer. I am not on a statci IP.

I want to access my docker host via SSH from the outside of my network. Can I use the Nabu Casa url and connect via portforwarding and ssh keys my rasparry pi behind the firewall (port forwarding enusred).

Or do I need another dyndns service to get the IP adress?