Use nest components with old token from homebridge-nest

Hello All Home Assistant user !

I’m writing this post because I’m Nest user since a long time and now I’m discovering HA ! :slight_smile: My issue is Nest API is stop and I’m not able to use the nest components.

In the past I use(d) homebridge-nest and i keep the good configuration file with only the token (not clientId/clientsercret):

Now you should have a product. Now locate the id/secret section on the right of your product's page
Copy the Product ID to your HomeBridge config as the clientId in the Nest config
Copy the Product Secret to your HomeBridge config as the clientSecret in the Nest config
Navigate to the Authorization URL
Accept the terms and copy the Pin Code to your HomeBridge config as the code in the Nest config
Run HomeBridge once (do not include the token in the config at this time) and you should find a log that says something like "CODE IS ONLY VALID ONCE! Update config to use {'token':'c.5ABsTpo88k5yfNIxZlh...'} instead." Copy the c.5ABsTpo88k5yfNIxZlh... portion to your HomeBridge config as the token in the Nest config
You should be able to restart HomeBridge and it should succeed with the new token.

I try to manually create a “nest.conf” with

"{"access_token": "MYTOKENHERE", "expires_in": 315360000}"

but after I have this error:

2019-07-28 22:23:01 ERROR (SyncWorker_0) [homeassistant.components.nest] Connection error while access Nest web service: Authorization failed

**Do you thing i will be able to make HA working with this token or find clientId/clientsercret ? **

EDIT: I use an other token and after put directly in core.config_entries now I have access to Nest thermostat and Protect but cameras show “rickrolled” !

Do you know how to remove camera entities in the lovelace/default_view ?

Best regards,

Hello !
I have the same issue. Just discovered HA after using homebridge for a while. All my devices have been transferred to HA, but my Nest thermostat is still out of my HA config :frowning:
Please could you explain where to put the access_token used in home bridge config to the HA config ?