Use NFC and two android devices to trigger actions?


I own an archos hello 7 tablet, that is used as a display for HA with Fully Kiosk Browser. I’m actually converting my “xiaomi gateway” based alarm system to an HA based one thanks to Conbee II in my rpi.

The tablet will be used to display a manual_alarm unlock panel but I was thinking of using NFC from both my phone and the tablet to “unlock” the alarm.

Is it doable ? I mean that NFC from tablet trigger (ie with tasker) an event if NFC from phone is detected ?

Thank you.

This should be possible. No need to involve Tasker either. Using the Home Assistant mobile app on each device and setting up NFC tags is pretty straight forward. You can take it from there and setup automations to run when the tags are scanned by whichever devices you indicate.

I have never tried the HA app yet (FKB running on the tablet).

Does it need to have focus to read NFC tags and start automation ? Actually FKB has the focus and archos hello 7 is a nice but cheap (<30€ actually in France) and not powerfull tablet, so the less app are running the better it can react.

I use this on android devices, and it does not need focus to read the tag. It does however need the device to be unlocked, which makes sense.

Both devices or just the “reader” (tablet) ?

Both devices

Thank you. That won’t be the best option then because we have old android that unlock with PIN code, no gain versus using manual alarm control panel directy on the tablet.

I will buy some static NFC tag to attach to our keys, that will be more efficient. (Not sure it’s more secure as long as if someone steal our keys he will also have the tag to switch off the alarm, but it’s how basic offices alarms are working or at least where I work.)