Use number helper as automation trigger duration

There are situations where we may want a different automation trigger duration at based on other criteria, It would be helpful to be able to used a number helper value as the trigger duration.

Here is an idea of how it could work in the UI.

Duration: None, Static Value, Helper
(If static then the current HH:MM:SS box would show up)
Helper Entity: All numeric helpers
Units: Hours, Minutes, Seconds

You can already do this. The for: trigger option accepts templates.

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Thank you for the response. I have attempted this but am getting the following error.

Try a state trigger, not a device trigger.

In fact try to avoid using device triggers, conditions and actions altogether.

See: What happens if I have to replace a device - #2 by tom_l

Thank you, that worked. With the recent UI updates to automations, I’m starting to migrate some of my automations from node-red into native HA automations. The advice to not use device is great and I’ll be sure to avoid it. Fortunately, I have only migrated 7 of them so far, so updating them won’t be a big deal.

Back to my original request, while I’m not opposed to writing yaml/templates, it would still be nice to do it all in the UI.