Use PIR to turn on lights BUT ONLY within 30sec of lights turning off automatically

tl;dr: how can i automate turning on my lights when presence is detected ONLY within 30sec of presence undetected? To correct false turning off.

I have (aqara zigbee) PIRs in my toilet and bathroom to detect motion/presence. I only use them to turn OFF the lights when there is no motion/presence anymore. This is because my kids always forget to turn off the lights (okay maybe me too). I do not use automatic turning ON because of too many false positives. (Sometimes at night I’d like to shit in the dark, sometimes not. Can’t automate that)

Now this setup works fine, only when someones motions are undetected for too long (like behind the shower curtain) sometimes the lights turn off when they shouldn’t. (ATM that is after 8 minutes. With these gas prices, that’s too long to shower anyway)

So to solve this proble, I’d like to use the PIR to turn on the lights ONLY within 30sec of motion/presence undetected. After those 30sec the PIR shouldn’t turn on my lights.

Could someone point me in the right direction?