Use recswitch in light card


I have Ankuoo switches and they work great. Is there a way to put them into a light card?


If the card only takes light entities you can use this component to create light entities from your switches:

Thanks, that works… Although pointless as the dimming sliders don’t work.

Is it possible to make Ankuoo MS6126 switch dim the light?


Your device is a switch not a dimmer. So no, it is not possible.

Thanks for you help

Hi, I got the wall plug socket of the ankuoo. This one is not yet supported by the actual recswitch package in HASS.

This wall socket is rebranded in different version

Any chance to see a guru working on the HASS integration ?
I got one of them… I can create a temp account in the corresponding android appz for the hack attemps

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