Use rtl_433 to decode raw RF codes from Sonoff RF Bridge

I would like to use a Sonoff RF Bride with Tasmota and Portisch firmware as receiver for 433 MHz RF codes and then use rtl_433 to decode the raw RF codes. Is there already a community add-on or something in HACS or elsewhere to do this?

The point is that I do not wish to use an SDR due to high power consumption, and decoding is necessary because the sensors I want to use are not simple binary sensors, but they send numerical values of temperature etc., such as weather stations.

Does such a thing already exist?

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Some 433 sensors can be read here by their RTL setup. I have one that runs on ESP32 and reads a Nexus sensor for temp and humidity out in garden. Then send the info to HA.

Yep, thanks,I saw that.
Still, I specifically asked for processing Sonoff RF Bridge rawrf code using rtl_433 here.

If you name specifically which sensors or weather stations , then someone might be able to give you something more useful. I think alot of people would like to see Sonoff RF bridge do more.

Maybe. But the point is this: have rtl_433 decode Sonoff RF Bridge rawrf codes. Is it so hard to believe, that I mean what I say? :slight_smile:

If one had this, all sensors that rtl_433 can decode can be used with the Sonoff bridge, as long as the bridge can capture the rawrf code of the sensors.

Is it more clear now?

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I have the same Problem, that I use the sonoff RF Bridge and need a Tool to decode the raw RF.
Meanwhile do you have a solution?

No I don’t.

Sorry about digging up an old thread, but hopefully this might help someone. This is definitely possible, but at this time it’s still a “work in progress”, so it’s not what I would call easy. Looking on the rtl_433 Github page, there is a “pull request” to add some code that does this (Tasmotized Sonoff RF-Bridge decoding support by halfbakery · Pull Request #1491 · merbanan/rtl_433 · GitHub). It looks like there might also be a Home Assistant add-on (by “daemongloom”?), but since my version of HA doesn’t have add-ons I don’t know how to point you to the exact link. Anyway, the rtl_433 branch here is able to read RfRaw input via MQTT:

I would also suggest installing halfbakery’s “rebaked_sniffer” RF chip firmware (a fork and extension of Portisch’s) which will allow the RF Bridge to process even more signals than Portisch’s will.

I would note that range is considerably lower with the RF Bridge than a cheap RTL-SDR stick in my experience.

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I was in a similar situation. rtl_433 is great, but SDR is not handy to work with RPi for power requirements and too much CPU use. Also tried many standard libraries, Sonoff RFBridge and RFXTrx. Nothing was perfect for me until I started DYI decoders and implemented them on top of Tasmota. One such project can be seen on Github.

I have a Sonoff RFBridge R2 Version 2.2 with tasmota but no HW hack.
This is a new layout with a new decoder chip and it is not possible to download the portish SW to the RF chip.
Now I have the problem with my 433 PIR sensors that the bridge first decodes the signal when the signal of the PIR goes down which gives a delay of 2 secs which is not acceptable when switching the lights on is the goal.
Your project as described will this remove this delay?
The SW seems not a problem for me but can you give me some more information on the HW part (schemas aso)?
Thanks in advance.