Use S2 input Fibaro dimmer to trigger a scene


Struggling with this for a couple of days. I have a Fibaro dimmer 2 with two switches connected.

I want to use the input on the S2 to trigger a scene.
Tried several things, but no luck (s2 not a thing to choose in automations, and not shown in the entity list).

I am using the Fibaro Homecenter 2 to control Z-Wave devices. Which is activated in HA through configuration.yaml. Also switched on: Parameter 28: ‘Scene activation functionality’, set it to: ‘Functionality activated’

Anyone common with this and maybe a solution?


I have with the help of this topic.

And this manual from Fibaro:

You can find out the scene id’s by monitoring the states.

I am in the same boat: Fibaro devices attached to a Fibaro Home Center 2, so I don’t have the Z-Wave JS functionality to watch events.

Maybe we create a scene in Fibaro HC2 that makes an HTTP request to Home Assistant?