Use Script Blueprint as Action in automation


Is it possible to use a script blueprint as an action in an automation (without first creating a script and then calling script.turn_on)?

The in HA included actionable notification script blueprint seems very well suited to be used as an action in an automation.

You have to create the script to call it.
After that you can use script.turn_on or call the script directly as a service IE script.your_script_name_here.

In the case of that blueprint, you need to create a script for that blueprint with your variables, then call the script that you created.

Script ui editor, create a script from blueprint, select that blueprint, fill in the blanks and remember the name.

Thanks! That is a pity. I might just make a trickier automation blueprint instead with triggers, conditions and more actions as inputs instead. Or group it in a package.

It takes like 1 minute to generate the script by adding the 6 pieces of specific info. What’s a pity?