Use Service call response as condition in Automations

Allowing the response from a service call to be directly used as a condition in an Automation within Home Assistant would be incredibly useful for several reasons:

  1. Dynamic Automation: It would enable automation to respond dynamically to real-time data or events. For example, you could adjust your heating system based on the current weather conditions retrieved from a weather service.
  2. Integration Flexibility: Home Assistant supports numerous integrations with various devices and services. Being able to use the response from service calls directly would enhance the integration possibilities, enabling users to create more complex and customized automations tailored to their specific needs.
  3. Simplification: It would simplify automation setup and maintenance by eliminating the need for intermediary steps or template sensors to transform the output of service calls into usable data for conditions.
  4. Efficiency: By reducing the need for additional template sensors or script components to manipulate data, the process becomes more efficient and streamlined, leading to faster execution of automations.

Overall, the ability to directly utilize the response from service calls as conditions in Home Assistant would significantly enhance its capabilities, enabling more advanced and responsive automation scenarios.

I like the idea… make sure to vote for your own FR!