Use Spotify Connect state to trigger automations

Hey there!

I’m currently using the Spotify Connect addon and have my HA linked to my audio receiver via Cinch in order to play music. I’m wondering whether there is a way to read the logs of the Spotify Connect addon to see whenever I connected to the addon to play music. This would be a fast and reliable trigger for an automation to turn on the audio receiver.

Why I’m asking:
I’m also using the Spotify integration which makes me able to check the general state of Spotify and also on which device I’m currently streaming my music. This triggers my automation to turn on my audio receiver. Unfortunately the Spotify integration has a major disadvantage: It only updates every 30 seconds so that - in the worst case - my audio receiver will need 30 seconds to turn on. So I’m looking for a solution to bypass this problem and using the Spotify Connect state would be one that might work.

Do you have any ideas how to make this work in HassOS?


This is exactly what I am looking for, you finally managed to Spotify connect to trigger the automation?

Thank you!

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unfortunately I didn’t find a solution for this issue until now. But I’m still searching for one :smiley:


Join the discussion here:

They are looking for a solution. If more people needs it maybe they add an entity with the state to the add-on.

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