Use text-to-speech in HA/Floorplan to trigger a lamp in Google Home?

Hi guys, Im new to HA and I have a question I would love to get an answer to.

Is it possible to make Home Assistant to send a text-to-to speech command to my Google Assistant/Google Home, to trigger a light being turned on?

Here is the thing. Some of my smart lamps does not support HA (AWOX has no integration module/skill yet). Therefore, these are not possible to control with the Floorplan addon like my other lights.

But these lights do work in Google Home (the awox app has Google Home integration). So if I could at least send a text-to-speech command from within Floorplan by clicking on a lamp-icon, I would be able to turn on or off the lamp with a tts command such as “turn on kitchen lamp”. Would that work?

I know I would not be able to get any state or “feedback” in Floorplan if the lamp really is on or off (icons not changing colors etc), but at least I would be able to control these lamps from inside HA in a “primitive way” :slight_smile:

What do you think? Is this achievable?

Also, if the TTS integration is possible, I got a second thought. Theoretically it should then be possible to determinate the lamp state (within Floorplan) as well by doing a scheduled TTS every 15 seconds or so, like “is the kitchen lamp on?”. Depending on what answer I get from the assistant, maybe its possible to grab the answer with HA, make it speech-to-text and trigger a lamp icon color in Floor Plan (lets say yellow if GA replies “the kitchen lamp is/is not active” or whatever).

Any thoughts about this?

Big thanks for all your help so far!

I use Google Web Server to run text commands to my google home. Doing this on mobile so bare with me.

So basically you get that thing setup and you make a web hook as an automation to trigger your light. The request would be your local ip that the server runs on and then add the “command” parameter at the end of the url.

I don’t have my home assistant working right now because I just moved, but I did this pretty recently so I’d be open to answer any questions you have.

The only ‘gotcha’ from this is that the commands take a bit to run and are not as instant as other switches and automations. Mine takes a good 20-30 seconds to run.

Lemme know!

Didn’t see this was that old… well hopefully someone finds it useful lol