Use the device camera as network camera


I’m using an iPad Mini on a wallmount with Home Assistant as my main overview device.

Now as the inbuild camera of the device is facing our door to our backyard it would be awesome if HA Mobile App could turn this camera into an IP-Camera.

Sadly you can’t use a third party app to solve this problem since iOS only allows the active app to use the camera (no background recording allowed).

Anyway thanks for the great community,

interesting request

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Hi Lars,

I have the same constellation.
Have you found a workaround for this in the meantime?

There are several options, but I’m pretty sure it will not work in the background :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
iVCam Webcam

According Apple, background usage of the camera is forbidden
So without modding the Ipad this will not be possible

as @aceindy said, unless you jailbreak the ipad (what I don’t want to do), there’s sadly no workaround I can think of :frowning:
BUT, as Home assistant is not “running in the background”, theoretically it would be possible


Based on the information in the AV Developer Kit, it is possible beginning with iOS 16, but the app has to explicitly support it:

Camera access is usually limited to apps running in full-screen mode. If your app enters a multitasking mode like Split View, the system disables the camera. Starting in iOS 16, your app can use the camera while multitasking by setting the isMultitaskingCameraAccessEnabled property to true on supported systems. Enabling this behavior also extends to Picture in Picture mode using AVKit. See Adopting Picture in Picture for video calls to learn more.


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Hi there,

I’m using an iPad (5th Gen with iOS 16 and the Home Assistant App) as a wall mount Display.

It’s logged in with its own User Account and the iPad is attached to this User as tracked Device.

It would be awesome to use the built in Camera on demand as a stream in Home Assistant.

Has there been any progress to this topic?

Best regards