Use third party MQTT Mopidy component

i am trying to control the local “mopidy” instance to get it to play certain playlists, triggered by an Automation. As far as i can tell there is no service besides MQTT that is capable of telling mopidy what to play, correct me if i am wrong. So i try to install this:

But when i add that URL to the “Addon Repository” list it does not give me the option to install, just this:


What can i do to make that Add-on working, or something similar to control the mopidy instance?


“magcode/mopidy-mqtt” is not a Add-on.

Mopidy supports MPD and for this is an integration available.

I see. Could you give me an example of how to tell MPD to play a specific spotify playlist please?

might have found the syntax here:

will try today

Update: tried the following:

But no luck. Starting that playlist with Moped works, but not with this call. what am i doing wrong?

Edit: okay not even this works:
“entity_id”: “media_player.mpd”,
“media_content_type”: “audio/mp4”,
“media_content_id”: “

Is there something wrong with the config?


  • platform: mpd
    port: 6600

At least i see this widget on the startpage:


So it seems to have found the MPD instance. But i can not control it with the servicecall. Any ideas?

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Did you solve this?


Hi, no never. Bought Google Home Mini and started beeing happy with that.