Use two switches as cover control

Hello all
I have some Somfy Blinds and I would like to control them in Home Assistant (without any Somfy Cloud).
For this, I have a Somfy Izymo Transmitter and a 2-Relay switch and an ESP with ESPHome.
The Izymo Transmitter works by connecting the com cable with either the S1 cable for one direction or S2 cable for the other direction or no connection for no movement of the blinds. So I can use two relays to connect Com to S1 with one or Com to S2 with the other Relay and control this with the ESP.

I got that already working. So I can use Switch 1 to open the blinds and Switch 2 to close the blinds.

Now I would like to integrate this a bit better into Home Assistant as with just two switches. Is there a way to define a Cover based on two switches? With an up button (that switches on switch 1 for a certain amount of time) and a down botton (that switches on switch 2 for a certain amount of time) and a stop button that turns both switches off?

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Hi Roman, I had the same integration issue with a Somfy Awning which works with the IO protocol. I bought a Somfy Izymo Transmitter also and together with that a Tuya 4-channel Zigbee control relais module (with potential free contacts). I use two relais to send the awning up and down. The setup is pretty similar with yours, the only thing is that you are using an ESP module with 2-Relay switches.
I have overcome the “cover” integration issue with a HACS integration called “Cover Time Based Synced”. That integration makes a cover based switch of two separate switches. It is easy to configure and works like a charm. To present it nicely on the dashboard of HA I have also used the HACS frontend “Shutter Card”. Now the awning shows as a shutter, but it gives you a direct view if the awning is up or down. I hope this will help you.