Use Weather card with data from local weather station and forecast from another weather platform



I use weewx and mqtt sensors to get local weather station data into hass. I also like to use OpenWeatherMap for forecasting. I would like to use a single ‘weather’ card in lovelace to show current conditions from my weather station, with the local forecast from OWM (or any other weather platform).

Is there an existing way to combine these two sources into a ‘weather’ component? If not, maybe I will have to throw one together. Any suggestions on a better way to achieve what I am trying to do here?



You could go the easy way and use a vertical-stack or horizontal-stack of two separate cards, which will always stay stuck together. But that’s probably not as elegant as you want.

If I’m picturing your idea properly, I think you might need a custom card to have it “done right and done nice”.