Use wildcards for excude/include in recorder

It would be a nice feature to be able to use wild cards when entering entity names in the exclude or include section of the recorder section of the config.yaml. Example: sensor.synology.* to select all the entities for the the synology integration, instead of typing in each one individually.

I thought about this feature since i started with HA 3 years ago and there where multiple FR’s about this.
I decided to use only includes i my recorder config.
So you can tinker around, and if all go’s well, add the entity to the history.

I have tinkered around. Some of these integrations have a ton of entities and having enter each one is a pain. That is why I submitted the request.

How do you do just includes, without excluding something? Doesn’t everything get included if you don’t do an exclude?. Can you give an example?

Here’s my recorder config.

db_url: !secret db_url
# purge_interval: 0 # Deprecated in 0.109
auto_purge: False
    # Media player
    #- media_player.fire_tv_1
    # Alerts
    - alert.bresser_timeout
    - ...

Thanks, I have stuff like that in mine. Still doesn’t solve my issue…

I think eventually it will be moved to the UI and you’ll get a table with a checkbox for every entity to record the data or not. But that is only my guess on the future of this.

that would work. Thanks

very late… but now recorder has support for entity_globs (not sure exactly when it was added). But the documentation is quite clear about it. Im just leaving this here for future reference.