Use Wired Sensors in ESP32 for Alarmo in HA


I came across this KC868-AI KinCony 48 Channel input module ESP32 Device at Aliexpress
Link: ESP32 Input Device

Looks like:

Seems like I can use wired sensors (door contact, motion sensors, smoke detector, etc.)

Does anybody think this will be a good device to use for wired sensors input monitoring for Home Assistant Alarmo ESP32 integration?

Only reason I am looking at a device like this is because I already have existing wired sensors that I would like to use with Alarmo integration in HA.

As long as ESPhome works on it (which their listing say it does) then it would be great.

I’ve just looked further into this and that company has a number of different boards available and also all the ESPhome code on their website. They have some very nice looking gear.

I’m starting at the moment with Home Assistant and also want to implement the state of my windows (there are bulit in sensors with the states open, closed, tilted mounted) in it. Also for me the modul looks very interesting.
Did you have ordered one?

I have not been able to, too busy at the moment with work, and family. Not sure when I will get free time. I was hoping someone who has more time than me tries it out. :grinning:

@krlabs I have very good news. I ordered the board and today I put it in operation. It was not so easy because it is my first ESP-board but I could install it and integrate it in HA. Now I can see all the 48 inputs in my HA. Next week I will install the wired window sensors and see if it workes.

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Was just looking at this myself for the same reason. I haven’t counted up my wired sensors across my house yet but I know I’ll need a lot of GPIOs, more than the average ESP32 break out board offers.

Are you using wired motion sensors with your install?

And is it proving stable so far?

I installed my ESP board and the wired sensors last weekend. Till now all works very well and stable.
Wired motion sensors I don’t use. I don’t know if they work with this board because the board only has dry contacts.