Use Wyze Camera Motion in automation

I have set up my Wyze 2 (rtsp) camera in MotionEye and enabled motion detection
Now I am trying to use motion detection in an automation to turn on a light.

My problem is I don’t see the camera’s motion entity

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Did you ever get this working? I’m starting to look into my Wyze cam since I got Arlo working now with aarlo. I don’t see anything for Wyze but rtsp. I’ve not re-flashed these camera’s, but if they can’t detect motion, it’s sort of pointless. It’s sad that IFTTT decided to go with greed, but I’m hoping someone will come up with some solution.

No… never got it to work. I ended up ordering some motion sensors… still waiting for them to arrive

Bummer. Also, reading the rtsp faq from Wyze states that they’re not continuing to develop rtsp, only providing security updates as needed. Too bad, I have 3 of these camera’s. Were working with IFTTT and SmartThings to turn on lights for over a year. I upgrade, IFTTT screws us, now they’re sort of useless, as I bought them to detect motion. I’m looking into NodeRed, which I could not get to work with Arlo, so it doesn’t look promising. I saw another post somewhere to someone wrote a connector to gmail to monitor a Wyze alert folder. When it gets mail, from the camera with motion, it tells the automation to flip a switch. This seems slow with a lot of areas for failure.

Anyway, I’ll re-post if I get anything working reliably.

What motion sensors did you buy, btw?

I ordered THESE from AliExpess (not here yet)

Also used THIS to set up rstp in HA

Ahh. I’m looking for an outdoor solution for my backyard/pool area. Arlo used to work, but for some reason this year the motion detection range seems a lot lower, like at most 15 feet. Pool is 15’ wide x 35’ long, so sort of pointless as I can’t cover the entire pool right now with 1 camera.