Used electricity gauge in energy dashboard wrong

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Is there a way to modify/configure the dashboard so it shows the real used electricity from the power company?

I use a Shelly 3EM for all 3 phases which shows the used and returned energy…all fine…

But why does the energy dashboard subtract the “returned energy” from the “used electricity” ?

For this day when I add all used electricity from the power plant I come to the value of 7.7kWh, which is shown correctly in the left circle above…

But the displayed 6.86kWh with the label “used from the power plant”, or however it is called in the english translation, is wrong. Normally you get something back for your electricity returned, but not deducted from your usage!

Net consumed from the grid = import - export.

Net energy returned to the grid = export - import

It is how net energy is defined.

It is a measure of your self-sufficiency. If you export more than you import the needle swings the other way into the purple.


Then the German translation is wrong:

Bildschirmfoto 2023-05-08 um 14.00.34

“Aus dem Netz verbraucht” = “Used from the power grid”

The current smart meters we have here have different counters, two count the used energy (low/high tariff), the other two measure the returned energy…

The above image with the “Used energy from power grid” assumes that the smart meters are counting backwards as soon you return electricity, which they do not for obvious reason (o;

Think I know why the dashboard is calculated wrong…

The Shelly 3EM don’t take into account the energy sum, but instead only report individually all 3 phases (used and returned).

So if phase A and B use each 500W for one hour and phase C returns 500W for one hour, the total is a usage of 500Wh, and not 1kWh used and 500Wh returned.

Apparently Shelly announced last year a new firmware to address those summing smart emters, but nothing on the horizon yet. Seems this is the only way ATM:

The dashboard is not “calculated wrong”. 7.7 - 0.8 = 6.9 (6.86).

Your understanding of what the meter shows is incorrect.