Useful Resource: How to Build a Solid Zigbee Mesh

I’ve been having issues with latency, availability and stability across my zigbee devices. This has meant automations not triggering or partially working and a significant amount of frustration, never mind negative values on the WAF scale.

Whilst not all resolved yet some of its information has definitely helped improving things.

Hope others find it useful.


Based on the text (highlight summary):

  • Zigbee Hub must be at least 3 meters from WiFi router
  • (Most) Lightbulbs will try to act as routers, but unfortunately they only perform this role properly with other lightbulbs.
  • When Zigbee devices have been added, power down your hub for 20 minutes. After booting again, your Zigbee mesh will automatically choose the best route within ~24 hours.
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