Usefull upgrading in my thermostat to Evohome?

Usefull upgrading my thermostat to Evohome?
I have a ‘dump’ thermostat; used nest in the past but not a fan of how it worked back then (i had the v1 in my old house). With Black Friday around the corner i would like to know if the Evohome would be a good fit for my use-case.
To give you an idea of my skill level; I am fairly good at DIY, program and solder my own ESPs, wrote some custom (embedded C) BLE software for it, so connectivity is not really an issue.
I don’t have hot water downstairs but a Cooker; the only place which uses hot water is my bathroom.
I prefer to have my home automation complement, but not take over stuff.
I am from the Netherlands; have a fairly new boiler (Remeha Calenta from 5yrs)
My boiler does not have an outdoor sensor for the temperature; i am planning to feed the outside temp using a cloud service at first, followed by my own local measurement. Feeding will probably be done via a to be acquired opentherm gateway, in gateway mode, if possible.
My radiators are not yet 'tuned’
I still have to tune my radiators for optimal flow, but i am not sure if that has benefits still if i already plan to use the evohome, can somebody answer this?
I have floor heating
My entire downstairs has floor-heating, i have no radiators there. The pump is attached to a Sonoff R2 and i am planning to use the temp sensors of the IN and OUT of the manifold to see if the pump has to switch on or not (or, if i can get out of Evohome when the ‘zone’ is activatedi would be using that as second backup, in case my temp sensor fails).
Would i need a bypass in my system in case i plan to use a valve for downstairs, or…
Would you split the 9 loops i have downstairs with the motorized valves from Honeywell as well, and e.g. place multiple BLE sensors which will control the downstairs via the local (RF) api?
Is my assumption correct that, whever coupled with an Hce80, i can also connect my floor pump to that system and have it be controlled that way?
I have a wife
My wife would like to have the bathroom heated in the morning;
Is my assumption correct that the evohome can configure each knob (if needed) as a seperate zone and that it will know per zone how long the heating time will be? E.g. if i set the bathroom to a temp of 20 degrees at 06:30 that Evohome will ensure (eventually, after learning) that is the case at that point?
I have 3 kids
Knobs will be put in every room upstairs so that my kids can have a warm room when they are old enough to do homework.
Is my home a good candidate for evohome?
Would the above described use-cases be possible in my situation?

Just checking, are you sure you are in the right place?

This forum is about Home Assistant home automation software. It can interface with evohome, and questions about hardware that can be controlled by Home Assistant are certainly welcome but you have not asked anything about this. Are you actually planning on using home assistant to interface to evohome?

If not, you may be better off asking this sort of question through evohome’s support channels.