Useing node red to press a button inside a 3rd party node?

Is it possible to use node red to press a button inside a 3rd party node… Bare with me as its a weird one.

Im using a 3rd party node to controll the tv. Every time the tv turns off i have to repeat the process to access the controlls. I’ve looked into this extensivly to see if there’s ways to do it through LG forums and githubs for the node, but its not possible.

If you see the two images i have to click into node red, then through two menus to get to connect. If i can automate this button to be pressed everytime the tv turns on, that would be the dream. Has anyone come across anything like this before??

If that node is

When the button is pressed it makes an HTTP request to the endpoint the config creates. You can do this same thing with a request node.

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This looks like its probably the right answer, but its beyond my expertise to check it. Im guessing it would need reformating and placed into the description part of the http request node? Going to have to dig a little bit into that node and JSON i think.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.