Useless spam with "Updating sensors" notifications

I understand that this was reported many, many times in the past and dev’s decision was to… not fix this, but this is getting extremely annoying.
I’m using old huawei p9 lite phone that has android 7.0. It supports only “default” notification channel, because of that all “Updating sensors” notifications are constantly beeping my smartwatch and cannot be disabled. Also what is the point of this notification if I disabled all sensors?
Please give us an option to disable this notification.


It is not useless we had an entire blog post about it’s purpose. You have a very old device you should consider updating to take advantage of the features that Google agreed so you can take better control. We will not be removing the foreground service.

So what is the purpose of “updating sensors” when I’ve disabled all sensors? Where is the advantage in this scenario?

Starting in HA core 2022.6 mobile apps now sync the enabled status with HA core so sensors can be enabled from the frontend and the app will pick those up.

This is so ridiculus. I don’t want to have any sensors reported by the phone and I don’t want it to “update” them. A lot of people only install companion app to get nice HA UI and notifications. And this mechanism forces pre-android 8 phones to display this ridiculus notification that breaks notifications pushed to smartwatches/bands.
I have no idea why someone decided to create such problem for owners of older phones. Noone in the world will upgrade their perfectly fine phone just to mitigate this stupid decision.
But I guess it’s a free product, so do whatever you want with it. Cheers!