User based permission [Solved]

Just want to check if there is any work in progress around adding user based permission to Home Assistant?

Currently I only see that certain dashboards can be made “admin view only” but to use the UI in a shared environment some level of privileges may be desirable. For example, to not allow kids to open garage door but be able to see its status and so forth.

You can control the visibility of Lovelace Views on a per-user basis.


@123 thanks for pointing me in the right direction!
This is exactly what I needed for my UI!

Glad to hear that solved the issue for you.

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Hi Taras,

The solution worked but running into a weird problem. Here are the steps I followed:

  1. Created a “test user” for this thread and noted its ID from User configuration
  2. Selected the Lovelace UI that this user need to access
  3. Edited the UI tab and selected “raw configuration”
  4. Added the user ID under “visible” settings (manually added)
  5. Restarted HA
  6. Started an incognito session and logged in as “test user”
  7. Right enough, I only saw a single tab that was modified in step-3
  8. But when I go back to admin account and select the same tab for “raw configuration”, I do not see the “visible” setting specific to “test user”.

This is not a problem for now but I would like to know that if I need to remove “test user” access what is the way forward.

Will this work with Mushroom cards?

Link is dead, is there another resource you can provide? TIA

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Could it be the visible: user section of a dashboard-view?

But how to restrict all other views to some user?