User dependend themes

Hi, I’m not happy with the handling of themes so far.
I have 4 different users using different themes.
A ‘display’ user on my tablets to just show states, my wifes and my childrens users and my own one.
All of them have different rights/tab-visualities configured in CCH (i.e. kiosk mode for the displays).
When starting HA on my notebook, always the default theme (back-end-selected) is set.
When I login with my own user, I would like to choose a certain theme automatically.
But the only possibility is to set the theme with frontend.set_theme during startup.
Doing this, the theme for all users changes to this theme, which is not great.
For all my displays, logged in as user “display” I have to change the rights with CCH for this user, relogin and set the theme, go back to the notebook and change the CCH settings again.
This is a pain.
My propose is, to advice a certain theme to a user which is always set when this user logs in.