User Permissions for areas


I have four users who can access my home assistant instance.
Each user is assigned to a different group, and each group should have its own permissions.

How can I give a group read-only access, but not control access, to three of several areas? (All other areas/devices should have no permission at all)

I tried this unsuccessfully within the “auth” file:

    "groups": [
        "id": "floor2-group",
        "name": "Read Only Mostly",
        "policy": {
          "entities": {
            "area_ids": {
              "kitchen": {
                "read": true,
                "control": false

What is wrong with it?

Anyone with experience on that?

And one additional question:
The “auth” file seems to be “resetted” some times. I often have the problem, that a change that I made in it, is gone after a restart of HA. Doing it several times, makes it work after a few tries.
Anyone with an idea why that happens? Is HA working on that file as well and overwrites my changes?
Just to make sure. If my change isn’t lost after restart my changes are available and won’t get lost anymore. Only sometimes after a restart the last changes are gone and I have to try again.

You can’t just make up groups by editing these files…

well I did…
And parts seem to work!?

How do you set permissions?

You don’t, RBAC doesn’t exist for what you’re trying to do.