User selected date formats

Users have the option to select the time format, like 12h vs 24h, and the number format, like 1.222,04 vs 1,222.04, but the is no option to select the date format.
If a user select english as language then the user will be force to the format 9/1/2022 for september, 1st 2022, but in many places 9/1/2022 is read as january, 9th 2022.

And here the start of the week needs to be into concideration too, since english might start on sunday, while others start at monday.

That’s either January 9th or September 1st, not September 9th.

Just goes to show how hard it is to read a date in the uncommon format.

Just writing the date as january, 9th is hard for me, since my normal format would be 9. january. :slight_smile:

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Yes, while you can already change the format of numbers, time, and so on in your user-profile, this should also be available for the date itself.
Not everyone (especially not users) is common with foreign date formats - the admin might be, because he’s already in tech and writing forum posts in english etc. … but then there are other users that probably don’t have any other background rather than using the interface.

Of course, you could solve how a date should be displayed by using templates and so on, but then it will again be difficult if the user choose another language (for whatever reason).

So, adding the capability to set the date format within your user settings would be the logical way for localization.



  # Date / Time
- platform: time_date
    - 'time'
    - 'date'
    - 'date_time'
    - 'date_time_utc'
    - 'date_time_iso'
    - 'time_date'
    - 'time_utc'
    - 'beat'

Found this later FR too with a partial fix.

  1. I just started using the Local Calendar integration, and came across this date format issue. Could we please add a note on the Calendar (and To-Do if Due Date is implemented) integration documentation pages pointing people to the correct user profile page where this setting should be changed.

  2. Doesn’t help that “English” in the drop-down list of languages actually means “american version of English”, and you have to open the list to find that there is a genuine “English (GB)” also in the list. Please rename “English” to “English (US)” in the list.

  3. There will always be confusion over dates like 9/1 - which is why I prefer DD-MMM-YY format (9-Jan-23 or 1-SEP-22). One extra character in the format, but avoids a lot of confusion.

Not for automated sorting. That extra character messes it all up.
There is a timestamp format in human readable form and it is arranged so a sorting will be possible on that format to make it chronological correct.
YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ss,ms, where HH means always two digits.

Correct, that format is to reduce ambiguity for display/printing.
Back in the TRS-80 days I learnt that for sorting you can’t beat YYYYMMDD. If you put the date at the start of the filename, the OS keeps all your documents in order ;-).

@tom_l This can be closed, as it is implemented.