User with access to only one lovelace


I have created a separate lovelace so I have the original one called Overview and I have created another one called easy. I have the main user who can see all and configure everything but I would like to have other users who only see one window with the easy lovelace ui where there are only some switches and lights.

I can’t find the way to do it.

There is no way to assign users to dashboards.

You can only make dashboards ‘default’ on a device.

Hopefully this feature will be added at some stage but I don’t know if there are any plans to do so.

You can vote on these feature requests:

Given what he asked I think you’ve just told him he can.
Full Powered - All the settings Access —> Admin
People who shouldn’t mess —> User


You can not make the original dashboard admin only. So that does not help in this case.

Tom I’ve only just started dabbling with dashboards and I like the ability to order and list stuff before pasting it in AND to copy whole swathes, search and replace and mutiple new cards dedicated to recently added devices - to give up my ui-lovelace.yaml (so I’m not diving in)
If he’s happy using the GUI for his interfaces and is prepared to dump the ui-lovelace.yaml
Could he not do exactly as above ?
Make the ‘user’ dashboard the default on the ‘users’ device OR only give them the url to the user dashboard ?
As I said, I’m not that familiar with the nuts and bolts but that’s the premise I’m working on (my wife only gets the ‘user’ frontend, but if she read up maybe she’d get to the ui-lovelace.yaml but with that deleted … hmmmm … not sure ! )

Yeah it could be done like this:

  1. go to raw edit mode in the original overview page.
  2. Ctrl + A to select everything
  3. CTRL + C to copy it all
  4. paste (Ctrl + V) into a text editor external to home assistant.
  5. Go to the current “Easy” dashboard raw edit. Select and copy everything
  6. In the overview dashboard raw edit select all and replace by pasting then save.
  7. select and copy all the contents of the text file from step 4.
  8. go to the old easy page raw edit, select all and paste to replace.

This way you swap the “easy” dashboard into the original dashboard viewable by everyone and can now make the new ‘original’ dashboard Admin only.

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I found a solution, which a at least hides the dashboards items in general and every time again when you login in and also for every user. (One could of course activate those views in the user settings).

Solution for that is custom sidebar with HACS

Unless someone else has picked that up you may be in trouble if it ever breaks. The developer passed away.