User Control for Multiple Dashboards

So as of 0.107, you can now have multiple Lovelace Dashboards. This is a useful feature but it would be great to be able to restrict who can access certain dashboards. Currently, you can set dashboards to only be accessible to admins, but if you could make it so that a dashboard cannot be accessed by one user but can be accessed by another (who isn’t an administrator) this would be a great way to have different dashboards for each person in a household that is more suited to that person and what that person needs to and should be able to do. Basically to stop people controlling devices you don’t want them to but still allow them to control stuff that they need to.

you can apply some per-user restrictions at view level (I know, the are not ideal).
also, custom-header might do the job, have you tried it?

In this way, if I understand well, I can hide single view in a single dashboard.
But what if I want to have the main dashboard (in my case in yaml mode) available only to admin users and a new dashboard UI generated available to normal users?