Username shouldn't be mandatory for FRITZ!Box Tools

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Converting Issue #50205 into a feature request:

The config flow makes a username a mandatory input field. However, the typical FRITZ!Box interface doesn’t ask for a username, so most users are not aware of what to enter here. Starting with FRITZ!OS 7.24 a random username is generated by the box.

Pull request Clarify username for login by kongo09 · Pull Request #17716 · home-assistant/ · GitHub proposes to add an explanation to the documentation on how to find out what the appropriate username is.

With version 1.5 fritzconnection tries to figure out itself what this username is.

Shouldn’t this input field be optional and leave the job to fritzconnection instead of requiring the user to dig into the documentation and the system settings of the box?

Once the integration of all sensors, switches and services are merged I will come back to this and check how to implement this feature.

Take care that fritzconnection is used by more than one integration so we should carefully check before bumping.


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same issue. At least update the documentation. I made a new user only for the integration

That is the way AVM recommends. Every user should have its own credentials. :slight_smile:

I’m using a different username for HA from the beginning, no problems at all. :slight_smile: Just sometimes, when I connect from the browser, it doesn’t show me my username, it shows the HA username, so I have to use the dropdown menu. :slight_smile:

Hm, I just tried to switch to a dedicated username. There is no option to do this in the UI. It looks like I would have to remove the integration and add it back. However, that’s a total pain as it would rediscover almost a hundred devices as device_tracker and I would have to disable them one by one again. Not a good experience.

merged: Clarify username for login by kongo09 · Pull Request #17716 · home-assistant/ (