Users with Heiman smoke detector and zigbee2mqtt - test mode

Does someone here have a heiman smoke detector running with zigbee2mqtt.

My device workfs, alarm with testspray is sent to ha, but the manual indicated that there is a test mode.

Press and hold the button for 3 seconds and than the device should start to beep. I don’t know it its also shoudl send to zigbee2mqtt, but it should at least beep (as the manual says).
But this doesn’t work.

When there is an alarm triggered by a testspray I can mute it with this button, what tells me that the button actually works.

Any heiman smoke detector user here?

Just purchased…

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Very interested in your experience with it once you set it up.

Since now I just notice I can see:

  • smoke alert (not very useful, I assume the loud noise can be more immediate than checking HA if there is a fire :smile:)
  • battery level (this maybe can be the one to use)
  • link quality

No idea if you can send messages to maybe test the alarm sound…

I’m quite sure you can’t send a message to trigger an alarm, but what should be possible is getting a message in ha when you test the smoke detector.
Does this work for you?

My detector doesn’t even turn on the siren when I test it. Does yours?
But I no it works because I have a smoke test spray. With this the siren goes on and I get a message in ha.

well it makes sense when you’re not at home.

When I push the test button, yes…

No tested, I assume you have to add some automation script.

you’re right, but what should be visible is a state change of your entity.

How long do you press is?

Gotta revive this thread…

I bought one of these and just connected them to zigbee2mqtt; in Home Assistant, I do not see the device anywhere.

I did install Zigbee2MqttAssistant, and there it shows up like this

Anybody have an idea why this might be? It is connected, and according to their docs, it is supported by zigbee2mqtt. That thing was not exactly inexpensive (around 30 EUR for one), so it’d be cool if I could actually use it… Thanks for your ideas :slight_smile: