Using 2 servers on mobile app - both servers on one LAN

I’m using the iOS Home Assistant app. I also have two HA servers on my LAN. (Long story. Yes, I need two separate servers. They’re in separate buildings beyond wifi range of each other, but connected by underground fiber cable.) When I pull up my HA app on my iPhone or iPad, I can log into Server A and use it. Then I can log out of Server A and log into Server B and use that. But I can’t easily switch from one to the other.

I’ve seen a fair number of discussions about this and read, in several places, where you can be working with one server and swipe to the side and get a 2nd server. I can’t find a way to move from one server on my LAN to the other without logging out of one, then manually logging into the 2nd server after that. Then, to go back to the 1st server, it means logging out of the 2nd and into the 1st again.

What do I need to do to be able to just swipe back and forth from one server to the other?

And, since it’s close to this topic, is it possible to make a Lovelace dashboard with controls and status indicators from two servers instead of just one? I don’t expect there is, but I figured I can ask.

Yes you can, this is probably the easiest way:

Otherwise you can use the core state and event streams:

Maybe I’m missing something. The way I found to the app configuration page is the gear that shows up at the lower right hand corner and it only shows up when I’m logged out from servers. When I go there, to add a server, it lists both, but once I pick one, I have to log in, and then I’m back to having to log out to get to the other one.

I have no idea. I only have one HA server, maybe someone else can help. I just edited my post to answer your other question too.

Yes, I just saw that. Thank you! I’m using Remote Home Assistant to link the two servers, but now that it’s set up, it doesn’t seem to be sharing anything on the remote with the main server. I can deal with two servers, but friends and family members are going to be able to do more or find it more useful if they do not have to bring up multiple servers and switch back and forth. (Although a swipe might be easy enough for them.)

One of the options I had in mind was to use one dashboard to control both - so thank you for that extra info!