Using 433.92 Yale Security devices (HSA 6000 \ 3000 Series ) with Home Assistant and RFLink

Heres my solution using a relay board and ESPHome

  1. Buy a power supply (usually 12v)
  2. Buy a power supply with micro USB connector
  3. Buy a 12v siren
  4. Buy an ESP8266 module
  5. Buy a 2 (or more) relay board - only 1 relay is needed

Wire it like this but where the plug is replace that with your 12v PSU and where the bulb is replace that with your siren (making sure that the blue wire is the negative and the brown wire is the positive)

This guide may help with the ESP Home programming element of it

Slight thread diversion, but has anyone had any luck with Yale 868MHz devices, as I’m using an even more archaic Yale system and would like to use the alarm siren in HA.

Not aware of a solution for this currently.