Using a Display on my Rasperri Pi with Home Assistant OS

Hello, i am verry new to this.
I have installed Home Assistant OS but now i have trouble using my touch screen!
It shows me that i have to login… My login from HomeAssistant Profile doesn´t work.
Now i read here in that forum that u have to try root. Done that, but what have i to do now to use that display with what i set up HomeAssistant?

You won’t have any use of a screen connected to the pi that is running HA.
HA is only accessed via browser.

Yeah but on many youtube videos they are using homeassistant directly from a display connected to the rusppery pi. Look here: Update on My Automated Garden System (Plus System Diagram, Parts List, & All Code Now Shared!) - YouTube

How do i do this?

I’ve looked into the video and he says that he is accessing HA with that mounted tablet over wifi.

Thanks, ok so my touch is worthless haha. So i have to look for a tablet.

Well… you could buy another raspberry and connect it to that and then use a browser on the pi.

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That is what I do

Keep in mind it will probably be more expensive, slower and smaller than a tablet.