Using a FrSKY R9M 900mhz TX/RX with EESPHome?

Is it possible to integrate a FrSky R9M with ESPhome?

FrSky R9M 2019 900MHz Long Range Transmitter Module and R9 MM Receiver with Mounted Super 8 and T antenna – Cheap Drones NZ

If not, does anyone use or know of any good 900mhz long range transmitter/receiver modules compatible.


Likely not, but I’m curious of what “integration with ESPHome” you have in mind, really.

Well, I just want to send a input state over 900mhz long range, so just binary sensor type input state change.

I’d suggest LoRa - but it’s not directly compatible with ESPHome. I am actually working on an External Component for a LoRa gateway (just a receiver, at least for now) and do have an initial version working, which includes a motion sensor (binary sensor). It’s very early stages so only supports one LoRa module (SX1262). And for me, the advantages of LoRa are low power and long range, so my remote nodes are not running ESPHome and aren’t even ESPs. I may rethink that, but this works for me for now.

If you search this forum you’ll see some other folks have worked on LoRa implementations. I know I’m not giving you a great answer or pointing to a solution that’s ready to go - but LoRa is a great solution for long range IMO.