Using a lovelace view in another Android app

I am using an Android platform (Khadas Vim4) as an input device to my TV. It has HDMI input which I will connect my set-top box. The Vim4 allows me to overlay images on top of the HDMI, and I’m developing an android app to achieve it.

I would like to be able to show HA entities on the screen, overlaying the STB image. The idea is that the entity will only take a small percentage of the screen. For example, if the entity was a climate entity, it would just show the entity name and temperature. If it was a camera, perhaps it would use half of the screen. My app can take a webview (and display a scaled webpage), or static images, or video.

Is there a way to get HA entities into my app - either as a webpage that doesn’t have the sidebar etc. or, less ideal, the data itself so that I can create a overlay graphic myself? I tried the ‘command_webview’ notification but this just pops up the Android HA app.