Using a private Git repository for development of Addons

I have written a couple of add-ons that I have been writing and copying into the addons directory and reloading then updating. The add-ons work and the process is ok but laborious as I develop and test.

I would like to use a private Git repository to provide my add-ons to HA, I’ve got a private repo set up on GitHub.

I just can’t work out how to add my GitHub repo and put my credentials into HA/supervisor.

Am I trying to do the impossible?

(Ultimately, I’d like to connect to my local Docker Registry too so I can build on a PC rather than my Pi)


I’d better answer my own question now I’ve worked it out:

In GitHub create a Personal Access Token that has “repo” as the scope.

Add the GitHub repo to HA Supervisor/Add-On Store using this form of URL:

https://USERNAME:[email protected]/USERNAME/REPONAME



Thanks David! That worked for me!

The only thing is though that when I try and install the addon I have created, I get an error if the package is private - I have to make the package public to allow an install.
Are you or anyone else aware how you can authenticate when downloading the created packages from the addon installer?