Using a Schlage BE469 with Home Assist

So with the news that Samsung is gonna brick my v1 SmartThings, I thought I would give Home Assist a try. Unfortunately I’ve had no luck switching away from ST in the past; no other Z-Wave controller seems to work with it.

I got a Raspberry Pi and Aotec Z-Stick Gen 5, had no problem installing the software and Z-Wave JS and getting the stick to work, but as usual while my lock would connect and be successfully interviewed it completely fails to control or update. Any attempts to change the lock state simply time out in the log.

It shows up as an “Allegion” lock instead of Schlage, although I suppose they’re more-or-less the same thing? I wanted to be able to get a better sense of what’s going on, so I installed ZWaveJS2MQTT and nothing about the device controls make sense:

None of these controls seem to have anything to do with operating the lock.

Can anyone suggest what I might need to do to get this to work with HA? Thank you.

First, did you add the lock securely? Those options you are looking at there are more or less the behind the scenes parts you may want to at some point adjust some of those settings, but for now did you get a lock entity created in home assistant that you can lock and unlock? After you get the basic lock/unlock part working you may want to look into something like keymaster

But if you are just starting with HA I would look into HACS first if you haven’t already as that will make everything easier…

I’ve tried both secure and non-secure, the results are the same.

I was able to create entities back when I was using the Z-Wave JS integration directly, but they couldn’t lock or unlock, or get status updates. The API calls would time out. I haven’t figured out how to create entities with ZWaveJS2MQTT.

It most definitely has to be secure, so if it currently isn’t I would remove and re-add securely…
under configuration > integrations > do you have a Zwave js integration there ? Clicking configure should then give you some basic Zwave network information… maybe you can screenshot that page it should look something like this: