Using a speaker to trigger Google Home

Google home has some unique api-access that I can’t get any other way. For example, I have found no way to programatically and reliably cast spotify playlists at any given time.

Unfortuneately google home doesn’t have an api, but I have another speaker in the same room. So I have tried something like this:

      alias: Say playlist
      service: tts.google_say
      entity_id: media_player.living_room
        message: 'Hey google ... play short. cortana. playlist ... on spotify'

I have a playlist called short cortana playlist, that I want to play for waking up in the morning. I picked the words because they were words the google home misunderstood other words for, but I haven’t quite got this to work 50% of the time google won’t hear the right words. Are there any characteristics for words that google easily underrstand or is there a more suitable way to do this?

Some more spacing between the words seems to have done the trick:

    message: 'Hey google. play. short. cortana. playlist'