Using a Tuya light switch (with LED indicator) without load, lamp or attached device

Is it possible to use a Tuya wifi light switch (with neutral wire) without attaching any lights or devices to it?

I am looking for a switch which indicates its status on the switch itself. There are several wifi light switches out there (mostly Tuya) that have an integrated LED.

I have a wifi smart heater which can be switched on or off using Home Assistant. It uses quite a lot of electricity, so I only want it to be on when I need it: through automations or using a physical wall switch. But since the heater is smart, I can’t wire it directly through the light switch.

Do Tuya light switches work without load? And since this not their intended use, how quickly do they report events or their state to Home Assistant (Local Tuya)?

If there are better solutions, I’m also open to those.