Using a ZigBee CC2531 dongle

I’m after a little guidance here, if I may ask.

Either the device I have…Aideepen sniffer from Amazon…is no good or I don’t fully understand.
The Amazon listing states it works with Home Assistant.

I have plugged it in to the Pi running Home Assistant (latest vers.) and it seems to be found.
When I try to set up the ZHA integration I get a “could not connect” error
All the guides. I have read refer to using the dev path, such as /dev/serial/by-id/usb-xxx
I do not see this anywhere, and the /dev/serial/ folder does not exist:

[core-ssh ~]$ ls /dev/serial
ls: /dev/serial: No such file or directory

Am I miss-understanding this?
Does the dongle need flashing with some firmware?

If you read the page you linked too you’ll see;

Screenshot 2022-01-23 at 14.02.48

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I did read it.
It’s Amazon though…reviews / Q&As can’t be trusted :man_shrugging:

Was hoping the more knowledgeable folk here, whom I am more inclined to ‘believe’, will be able to help

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If you can’t find a serial port, it comes with original TI firmware which does not expose a serial port. So yes, you will need to flash it.

Thanks for confirming, I’ve managed to flash it, and HA now sees it and the ZHA integration installs, and I can pair a sonoff motion sensor…but it’s very unreliable unfortunately.

I’ve also noticed the green light on the dongle is not always on…problem?

well, i switched to zigbee2mqtt, and had a little more success…for a short amount of time.
My devices become unresponsive after some time.
zigbee2mqtt shows them online and available…but no state changes, for example on a sonoff SNZB-03 motion sensor

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Note that CC2530/CC2531 based adapters are obsolete so no longer recommended as a coordinator:

Regardless of Zigbee Coordinator adapter type or Zigbee implementation recommend follow these tips:


Note that USB 3.x hard drives and cables are well known to be strong source of interference for Zigbee.

Also, don’t change Zigbee channel as not all Zigbee devices support all channels, see recommendation:

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Thanks for the info.
Most of that i have read pretty thouroughly already to be honest, includuing all the Home Assistant ZHA documentation, and a lot of the zigbee2mqtt docs too.
Whilst i understand that the CC2531 are not recommended, nowhere do any of the docs say they are unsupported / do not work…infact, the CC2531 adapters are listed as being known working radios
(All taken from currently published and valid documentation as far as i see)

I have indeed followed all the guidance and tips and best practices, but i still see really flakey connections and little reliability…to the point of none useability.
So i am starting to think that either the adapter i have is garbage, or the integrations / add-ons do not fully support CC2531, which imho, is different to not being recommended

A quick google, and it seems many CC2531 users have experienced similar difficulties in the wake of recent HA updates.

CC2530/CC2531 is supported but it is no longer being maintained/updated, and it does not work well with Zigbee 3.0 devices or when add a total of more than about 15-20 devices to your Zigbee network.

ZHA will add “not recommended” →

ZHA uses zigpy-znp library as dependecy and its developers do no longer recommend CC253x →

Zigbee2MQTT already do so too →

Texas Instruments who make the chip and firmware list CC2530/CC2531 as active but deprecated and do not maintain/update officially supported Z-Stack Home 1.2.x SDK / firmware for it since years back.

Community firmware was however updated recently:

Remember that “supported” is also a loose term as only volunteers are working on Zigbee2MQTT and ZHA so no one is getting paid to support anyone, and developers themselves no longer use CC253x.

i think a clean up and added clarity to the Home Assistant docs is most definelty a good thing.

I think, this should specifically be included, if it is verified by devs…and not sweeping off the cuff statement.
But, in my opinion, stating that something is “not recommended” is different to saying it does not work.
Could be misleading to some.
Perhaps i am missing it…but the “do not recommend” always seem to note "not recommended for Zigbee networks with more than 20 devices"…for me i have a grand total of 2 devices, so the docs (HA, ZHA, and Z2M) would lead me to believe i would have no major problems :man_shrugging:
Anyway, we’re not here to discuss documentation wording, im looking for some more help, other than links to pull requests and “not recommneded” hardware.

Does any one have any tips on how i could diagnose?
Any experiences with Z2M and a CC2531 running ok in the real world?

I am running this version on my CC2531

I made another observation yesterday.
When i add a device to zigbee2mqtt, it works fine…only if i keep the default name assigned, e.g. 2ae00000091x34
As soon as i assign a name via zigbee2mqtt, the device will be ok for approx. 1 hour, and then no longer updates in HA.
Could this be a bug in HA and / or zigbee2mqtt