Using AdGuard with IPv6

I have been looking to get the home assistant app working and this has led to suggestions to use IPv6. I changed over my HA (Hassio) to use it and can get connected OK, (have set it back to IPv4 for now). When I go to do an ipconfig on my Windows machine, the IPv4 DNS server is correctly set to the HA instance (using the DHCP server addon) however the DNS server is set to the router (I presums, as if I open a browser with the DNS server IPv6 address it opens the router config page), since the router supplies the first of the IPv6 address, presumably it defaults to using this for DNS. I would like to continue to use AdGuard with IPv6, but would presumably need to point the IPv6 DNS record to HA to do so - is there any way to do this, or are we stuck in a sort of limbo that certain parts will no longer work as the way an IPv6 address is allocated is different?

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Hey, I see there’re no replies to this thread. Did you solve it?

Configure your router that is managing IPV6 IP addresses to tell hosts to use AgGuard’s IPV6 DNS servers or a statically assigned IPV6 address of the HA instance.