Using AI to configure home assistant

With the develop of AI, do you ever see some from of AI that would streamline the process of setting up home assistant? The basic I can do have not fully dived into home assistant and still run Homeseer as my primary system. I’ve been copying other people’s existing config and making changes to fit my needs but sometime, not all of what I want to do is available.

What would be cool is if you can issue commands such as simply typing into the AI to configure : “Turn on X light if Motion for 3 minutes and if no motion turn it off” or something even more complex with multiple chains and it would automatically configure or at least give a baseline of all the configuration that is related to your personal system.

You can try! But you have to be wary. After two plus years of using HA, I have a lot of value_templates, some of which require a lot of thought. I was working on one over the weekend & I just couldn’t get it to work right. So I typed it into Google’s Bard & asked why it didn’t work. It gave me a wrong answer–which I told it & asked it to try again. It sent me the original code back. I told it that & it sent me a different version–which worked! I still can’t figure why it worked & mine didn’t but…frustration over.