Using airthings_wave_plus ESPHome integration, and the radon readings are in bq/m3, how do I change to pCi/L,?

I’ve tried everything, and I just can’t get it to display on my dashboard as pCi/L.

Work out how to convert, then make a template sensor.

Thanks, that was pretty vague. Thankfully I had just stumbled upon the answer. Forgot to install it the last time. Doh. Here’s the code for anyone looking to do the same.

      name: "Airthings Wave Plus Radon"
      unit_of_measurement: "pCi/L"
        - lambda: return x * 0.027027027;
      accuracy_decimals: 2

      name: "Airthings Wave Plus Radon Long Term"
      unit_of_measurement: "pCi/L"
        - lambda: return x * 0.027027027;
      accuracy_decimals: 2

Edit Formatted and added accuracy_decimals because the dashboard was only showing whole numbers. This will give you 2 decimal points for more info. So instead of seeing just 1 pCi/L, you’ll get the whole picture by seeing 1.78 pCi/L, which is a huge difference in importance level.

I see you took my advice, but didn’t credit me with the solution. Never mind.

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You didn’t help me at all, you made a short snide remark, with absolutely ZERO detail. The answer came from chat gpt, not you. Next time, if you’re going to take the time to post something, why not post something useful? Like, the ANSWER? Most people on here aren’t programmers, and are looking for answers, not a vague finger gesture to the direction. Anyways, issue resolved, case closed. No need for any more of your passive aggressiveness, save that for socials or reddit.

You’re welcome.

Where does this code has to be placed for conversion to work ?

Same issue here, new to home assistant. Where do you put this code?

In the yaml that you use to flash the esp.

I solved it like this…

  • sensor:
    • name: “Airthings Base - Current Radon (US)”
      unit_of_measurement: “pCi/L”
      state_class: measurement
      state: “{{ (states(‘sensor.BLAH_radon’) | float / 37) | round(2) }}”