Using Alexa to trigger scenes

A month or so ago my HA crashed and could not be recovered. I am working on getting things set up but, I can’t remember how to integrate HA & Alexa.

Previously, I was able to use Alexa to trigger scenes or set off automations that I had set up in Home Assistant. I could go into the Alexa app & set up a Routine that recognized key phrases.

I have Nabu Casa & have installed the Alexa Media Player Integration but can’t seem to work through it.

Thanks for any advice.

You don’t need the Alexa Media Player integration. Install the Home Assistant skill in Alexa.

I would:

  1. Make sure Nabu Casa works first. Not to sound like a bad tech support call, but it should be mentioned.

  2. Make sure you have the Home Assistant Skill connected to Alexa

  3. Look here: Settings → Voice Assistants. Make sure Alexa is listed and turned on.

  1. Click the Exposed Entities and look, is your scene exposed?

  2. If not, click the + EXPOSE ENTITIES at the bottom and find the scene.

  1. Expose it.

Then I usually go to the Alexa App because I like to create a “Routine” in Alexa where I can choose one or more phrases that will do the same thing. This gives flexibility to not have to name it exactly and can account for things like I say “This” my wife says “That” and my kids say “The other thing”.

So you can see that the phase “Open sesame” (and two others phrases) will do the same things, run the Home Assistant script called “Open Gate”. In the phase “Say” you can list whatever you wish to be the phrase(s) to run it:

Thanks. I didn’t know that.

Thank you. I don’t know how i missed that.