Using an Adafruit Neotrellis for buttons and indicator lights

Just wanted to share something I recently added to my kitchen / home centre. I’m really enjoying having a colourful grid to display a bunch of helpful info.
It’s an ESP32 with an Adafruit Netotrellis attached in a 3d printed case. The button presses set MQTT topics and the lights sub to MQTT topics. I have Node-Red in the middle responding to button press topics and setting Hex Colours as the Light topics.

Some of them are just indicator lights and button presses are ignored.

Across the top is

  • My location (blue = home, red = work, plus some other HA zones)
  • My partners location
  • Guest Mode (don’t shut down the house when we all leave, useful for babysitters, grandparents etc)
  • Power Usage - green means we’re exporting to the grid from our solar

Second row are location spots for my 3 kids (reserved though because they don’t all have phones yet), and the fourth spot is the current UV (yellow / orange / red / purple) which the kids use to know whether they need to apply sunscreen before swimming (everyday after school in summer).

Third row switches the projector and speakers (x3) on / off. Triggers wifi relay plugs.

Fourth row is

  • Coffee machine
  • Kitchen work lights (disables the adaptive lighting and goes full bright white), useful in the evening sometimes if theres a bunch of cooking / cleaning to do.
  • Movie mode (when the Apple TV plays content - dims lights, set mood etc)
  • Button for Good Night, which we press before going to bed.

I (and the kids) really like seeing this info, and it’s particularly useful to know when mum leaves work for the day, or she’s out at training in the morning when they wake up. It’s nice to just glance at rather than opening a phone to find her location.

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