Using an i2c 16x2 display with

So I am wanting to integrate a 16x2 LCD screen with
Running on a Raspberry Piv3. I want to connect the screen directly to the GPIO pins on the Pi. I have confirmed I have a working connection by running hassbian and manually installing i2ctools etc and I have a basic example script writing to the screen.

I have followed the instructions to enable i2c on from How to enable I2C on / to enable the i2c

I know I can use a nodemcu and esphome as well but for the application I want to use this in that’s not a viable solution. (The RPi has a 4G dongle but there isn’t a WiFi network - just the 4G dongle)

Anybody have any suggestions?

Just to say, you could configure the pi as an AP and use wifi.

I was wondering if I could do that…

I think so. It may depend whether you are using hassos. Although even hassos uses netmanager (or whatever it is called) so there is plenty of documentation on them intarwebs.

Yeah it’s hassOS…